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Retail & Hospitality

Hotel rooms, restaurants and retail stores need to attract and retain clients with attractive, welcoming environments.

A well-lit space is interesting and inviting. Good lighting draws in potential customers and enhances their experience, guiding them through a hotel lobby, coffee shop or bookstore. It flatters products and services, and encourages patrons to linger, reading the menu or browsing a bookshelf

Large chains and small boutiques alike have discovered the game-changing benefits of Bridgelux lighting. Our range of LED array products provide a palette of colors and CRI values with quality lumen output and trusted consistency unavailable in today's incumbent solutions. Retailers are using Bridgelux LEDs in fixtures for innovative store displays that draw customers into their stores. Their design flexibility and high lumen output allows installations to have less visual clutter and better sight lines around merchandise. Vibrant colors, high-flux spotlights and strategic accent lighting draw attention to featured products and entice shoppers to buy.

In hospitality, lighting plays a critical role in aesthetics and feel. Interior design and architectural features are not enough to characterize a premium space today. Hotels and restaurants use Bridgelux LEDs to evoke warm emotions of comfort, safety, creativity and prosperity. Our LEDs enhance the ambiance, help differentiate service experiences, and bolster the bottom line. 

Recommended product families

Vesta Series, V Series HD, Vero Series 


Tunable and dim-to-warm options within the Vesta Series family can be adjusted for people, environment and products.  V Series HD products enable tight beam control and high contrast spot lighting to draw attention to merchandise on display.  And Vero with Décor Series™ technology offers color points and high CRI for outstanding color rendering.


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Our mission was to refresh the design of the interior fresh food section of the COOP supermarkets. When we proposed to COOP a solid state lighting solution, they discovered the technology offered


As the top sports retailer in Austria, Intersport had a vision for a new shop design. Based on the latest trends in retail lighting design, our goal was to refresh and reinforce the Intersport brand


Manor Group was the first European department store to install energy saving LED lighting. Since then we have retrofitted many of our department stores with LEDs, replacing the HID luminaires


Licht + Design prides itself on developing innovative lighting solutions. We have increasingly wanted to design lighting environments using LEDs to take advantage of the benefits in energy savings and

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