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A building’s exterior illumination provides safety, guidance and aesthetics.

Long life and reliable performance are essential for outdoor lighting. Exposure to the full extremes of the environment—heat, cold, rain, snow, sleet, wind, dirt, salt, sand—is a big concern. And safety and security are critical during the evening and night hours. 

These unyielding conditions require exterior lights to be extremely robust under limited maintenance, while delivering the proper quantity and quality of light.


Our Vero® Series gives manufacturers a simple way to develop durable, leading LED luminaires for building exteriors. The highly adaptable platform allows rapid product development for any project. And the single-source Chip on Board (COB) technology reduces points of failure in the product, and lowers development and manufacturing costs. 

Recommended Product Family

V Series


Single source COB products reduce points of failure on outdoor fixtures that are more difficult to maintain.

Related Products

All Bridgelux BXRA3 Series LED arrays have been discontinued.  Limited supply may be available through your local distributor or through Digikey.  For new designs, please refer to our newest generation Vero® Series and V Series™ LED arrays.

Light transforms a space, and our popular BXRA3 Series creates that experience with energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. These compact LED sources are easily designed into a wide range of directional and diffuse applications, providing the superior light demanded for applications such as retail and residential.


The deep integration offered by our OLM Series is driving transformation at every level of the lighting industry. OLM introduces a simple method to develop outdoor luminaires by combining proprietary optics and environmental protection with an LED source.  OLM Series modules are designed to work with UL Class 2 drivers in non-enclosed environments, a key requirement for outdoor luminaires.  These highly innovative and integrated subsystems deliver world class performance and competitive cost, while reducing time to market, eliminating significant research and development costs, and improving manufacturing lead times.

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