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Bridgelux Grow Light combined with three Bridgelux 0.2W High PPF SMDs: 3030 Chla, 2835 660nm PC Red, and 2835 Thrive50R (5000K CRI 93).  Bridgelux McCree Full Spectrum (Full PAR) coverage for plant germination, growth and flowering. Our patented technology for broad blue emission LEDs experimentally proven the best growth rate, more numbers and the best taste.


All of our SMD products come in industry standard package sizes and follow ANSI binning standards allowing for seamless design in, decreasing time to market.     


Customized solutions are available per customer request.



Industry-standard 2835 footprint
Cold-color targeting ensures that color is within the ANSI bin at the typical application conditions of 25°C
RoHS compliant and lead free
Multiple CCT configurations for a wide range of lighting applications
Lower operating and manufacturing cost
Ease of design and rapid go-to-market
Uniform, consistent white light
Reliable and constant white point
Compliant with environmental standards
Design flexibility
5 Year Warranty
Product Specifications

Product Family


Part Number

Data Sheet



CRI Options


Typ. Flux(lm)

Current (mA)

Voltage (V)

Substrate Size (mm)

BXEN 2835 0.2W (21L-3DA) Download Data Sheet 2700-6500 80 35.7 65 2.72 3.50x2.80x0.70