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Vesta® Flex

The Bridgelux Vesta Flex Dual Channel Driver and Control Module family is a bundled system, guaranteed to work together out of the box, that enables seamless control of the Bridgelux Vesta Series Tunable White Arrays and Modules.  The Driver's high resolution dimming and tuning algorithm provides for smooth and flicker-free CCT tuning, dimming to 0.1%, and dim-to-off. These specification grade drivers and control modules are separate devices which, when connected via an ethernet cable, form a smart and flexible lighting control system. These Vesta Flex Control Modules are intended for use with a Vesta Flex Dual Channel Driver and to be factory installed as incorporated products. The platform offers a number of driver and control module options to choose from, enabling application flexibility and interoperability with third party systems. These different control modules support wired control protocols such as DALI-2 DT8 and 0-10V as well as wireless control protocols with WiFi and Bluetooth mesh. These platforms come with ready-built iOS and Android apps and web portals which provide for commissioning, light management, and services designed to expand the capability of modern lighting systems. Vesta Flex is a future-ready solution, designed to quickly adapt to new control systems without requiring luminaire recertification.

30W and 60W specification grade Dual Channel Driver
Industry standard brick and linear form factors
Flicker free dimming to 0.1%, dim-to-off
NFC programming interface
Logarithmic, Square and Linear dimming curves, programmable
Bluetooth mesh, WiFi, DALI-2 DT8, 0-10V control options
Bundled system, guaranteed to work together
Seamless control of Vesta Tunable White Arrays and Modules
Separate Control Modules provide additional design flexibility
iOS Apps, Android Apps and web portal interface options
Commission and manage lighting network from an easy to use interface
Large eco system of compatible sensors and switches
Product Specifications 

Vesta Flex Dual Channel Driver Key Features

Output Power Options

30W and 60W

Form Factor Options

Brick and Linear, Stud Mount and Strain Relief

Input Voltage

120-277VAC/50-60Hz universal input voltage


2 Channels

Programmable Features

Logarithmic, Square, and Linear dimming curves; Maximum output current; Minimum dimming levels; Fade Times; Over Temperature Protection Maximum Temperature Setpoints;

Programming Interface


Dimming and CCT Tuning

Smooth, flicker free, 0.1%, dim-to-off


Side and bottom feed poke-in connector terminals

Case Temperature

-40C to +90C

Location Type

Damp and dry locations


CE, UL listed, Class 2, Class P, ENEC, CCC, BIS, SELV, RoHS3, WEEE

Vesta Flex Drivers Data Sheet Specifications

Part Number

Download Data Sheet

Download Data Sheet

Download Data Sheet


30W Brick

60W Brick

60W Linear


129 x 77 x 30mm

129 x 77 x 30mm

350 x 32 x 28mm

Combined Ouput Current

1400mA (max), Programmable

2000mA (max), Programmable

2000mA (max), Programmable

Output Voltage




Vesta Flex Control Modules Key Features


Plugs and Play

Ambient Temperature

-20C to +45C

Location Type

Indoors, Plenum Rated

Control Options

Bluetooth Mesh, WiFi, DALI-2 DT8, and 0-10V


CE, UL recognized component, Class 2, FCC, UL 2043 Plenum Rated, RoHS3

Vesta Flex Wireless Control Module Data Sheet Specifications

WiSilica Enabled BLE
Control Module

WiZ Enabled Wi-Fi Control Module

Silvair Enabled Control Module

Cassambi Enabled Control Module

Part Number

Download Data Sheet

Download Data Sheet

Download Data Sheet

Download Data Sheet

Network Protocol

WiSilica Propietary Bluetooth Mesh

WiZ WiFi and Bluetooth

Standard Bluetooth Mesh

Casambi Propietary Bluetooth Mesh

Interface Options

WiSilica iOS app, Android App, and
Web Portal

WiZ iOS app, Android App, and Web Portal

Silvair iOS App and Web Portal

Casambi iOS app and Android App

Partner Link

Vesta Flex Wired Control Module Data Sheet Specifications

DALI-2 DT8 Control Module

0-10V Control Module

Part Number

Download Data Sheet

Download Data Sheet

Network Protocol


0-10V, 1-10V

Interface Options

DALI-2 DT8 Controller

0-10V, 1-10V Controller

Vesta Flex NFC Programmer Key Features

Form Factor

Handheld Wand with USB cable

Communication Interface

Propietary User Interface for easy programming of the Vesta Flex Dual Channel Driver


Proprietary NFC interface compatible with the NFC interface of the Vesta Flex Dual Channel Diver
The Vesta Flex Dual Channel Driver does not need to be powered during programming the Driver settings

Vesta Flex NFC Programmer Data Sheet Specifications

Part Number

Download Data Sheet

Vesta Flex Wire Insertion Tool Key Features


Tool assisting with inserting and releasing wires into or from a poke-in terminal connector of the Vesta Flex Dual Channel Driver

Vesta Flex Wire Insertion Tool Data Sheet Specifcations

Part Number

Download Data Sheet