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Product Selection Tools

Product Simulator

Select a light array for your application based on drive current or lumen output.

Human Centric Lighting Calculator

Compare quality of light metrics including ASD, TM-30 and human centric lighting values.

Product Catalog

Review our entire product portfolio including specifications & application alignment.


LED Arrays

Light has the power to revolutionize a space. That’s why Bridgelux chip-on-board (COB) arrays deliver compact solid-state lighting solutions for every lighting market, from specialized food illumination to roadway streetlights. 

LED Modules & Subsystems

These are the newest, highly innovative products at Bridgelux, some of which integrate with components such as optics, driver technology, environmental protection and holders. Their integrated construction eliminates significant R&D costs, improves manufacturing lead times, and reduces time to market.

Drivers and Controls

In this increasingly connected world, Bridgelux is committed to delivering robust solutions allowing customers to develop products that are ready for integration into a networked infrastructure while maintaining a high quality of light.  

Surface Mount

Bridgelux SMD LED products offer exceptional performance and color quality all in a highly reliable, cost effective, compact package.  These LEDs are well suited for both commercial and residential lighting applications.

Specialized Application

LED Chips

Bridgelux LED chips are everywhere. In fact, our chips are the basis for a vast range of LED luminaires, including signage, automotive applications, and camera flash for mobile appliances.