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Pallas-M (Phase-cut / 0-10V) Driver

Bridgelux Pallas-M Multi-Dim (Phase-Cut / 0-10) Constant Current Driver provides dynamic constant current output for LED modules and arrays. This new series comes with optimized size and cost for mass market requirements. This Driver interoperates with Multiple Dimming protocol (Phase-cut / 0-10V) and allows for simple integration of Bridgelux’s and all major brands White Arrays and LEDs. The Driver's high resolution dimming algorithm provides for smooth and flicker-free dimming to 1%.


24W / 30W specification grade Constant Current Driver
Industry standard brick form factors
Flicker free dimming to 1%
Current Configurable (8 steps) with ease of use DIP-switches
Single driver fulfill Universal Input Voltages (120/277V) and Dimming Protocol (Phase-cut and 0-10V
UL Recognized certification
Bundled system, guaranteed to work together
Seamless control of White Arrays and Modules
Standardized form factor fit in easily for most applications
Robust and intuitive Dip-Switch Current setting interface for ease of use
5 Year Warranty
Product Specifications

Product family


Form Factor

Data Sheet

Input Voltage (V)

Output Power (W)

Output Current (mA)

Output Voltage (V)

Efficiency (Full Load)

Dimming Control (V)

Dimensions (mm)

BXDR BXDR-PS-24BW-U105M-01-A Brick Download Data Sheet 120 / 277V (AC) 24 200 – 550(8 steps) 21 – 42 > 85% Phase-cut 1-10 85.6 x 41.6 x 24.7
BXDR BXDR-PS-30BW-U109M-01-A Brick Download Data Sheet 120 / 277V (AC) 30 600 – 950 (8 steps) 21 – 42 > 85% Phase-cut 1-10 85.6 x 41.6 x 24.7