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Brilliant outdoor lighting enhances the presence and beauty of any home.

Exterior lighting is an artistic and functional way to complement a house’s façade while increasing its security. At Bridgelux, we develop premier LEDs that ensure the appeal and reliability of light in a lawn, garden or walkway landscape. 

Our V Series™ is particularly effective for applications that require tight beam control and high quality, such as landscape spotlights, porch lights and security lights. These compact LEDs bring bright, long-lasting illumination at a fraction of the energy of incandescents or halogens, driving down the cost of the residential lighting system.

Recommended Product Families

V Series, SMD Products


Tight beam control found in V Series products is needed for porch lights and security lights. SMD products such as the 2835, 3030 or 5050 can be used for lower lumen requirements in outdoor settings.

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