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A well-lit counter entices customers, and an appealing display increases sales.

Shoppers want the best quality food at great prices. They are drawn to the welcoming ambience of a well-lit produce or bakery department, and they’re more likely to buy products that are well presented. 

In the evolving and challenging grocery business, Bridgelux developed the Décor Series™ Food arrays to help high-end grocers differentiate themselves, and create an experience that feeds the irresistible urge to purchase specific foods. Our Décor Series™ Meat & Deli and Décor Series™ Bread & Bakery arrays have color points designed for the optimal appearance of grocery merchandise.

Décor Series Meat & Deli lights capture vibrant, nuanced color patterns to display meat in an appealing way. With a nominal 1750K CCT positioned off the blackbody curve, the color point is tuned to enhance red tones in meat, while maintaining a clean white contrast for its marbling and texture. 

The bakery section is one of the most evocative parts of the food department. Décor Series Bread & Bakery lights have a warm white color tone. Their nominal 2500K CCT highlights the browns and golds in baked goods, emphasizing a fresh out-of-the-oven appearance. 

Recommended Product Family

Vero Series


Vero with Décor Series technology offers color points and CRI specific for showcasing meat, bread, bakery and deli items.

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