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Bridgelux Vesta Series is a comprehensive line of tunable white and dim-to-warm products that enable fixture manufacturers to build adaptable lighting solutions into their installations.  Vesta Series products tap into the powerful mediums of light and color to influence experience, well-being, and human emotion. They allow designers to mimic daylight to increase productivity and well-being, retailers to influence shopper behavior, and fixture manufactures to simulate the familiar glow and dimming of incandescent lamps. Vesta Series is comprised of CSP and phosphor dispensed-based tunable white arrays, SMD-based linear boards, and phosphor dispensed-based dim-to-warm arrays.


Vesta Series Tunable White Arrays and modules are also now available with Bridgelux Thrive™ white points, which combine unique chip, phosphor, and packaging technology to closely match the spectra of natural light. Thrive can now be used in tunable white luminaires to incorporate circadian elements that may impact human well-being. The high-fidelity spectral output of Thrive creates stunning environments with excellent color rendering and outstanding TM-30 metrics.


To learn more about Thrive and Vesta Thrive please visit our Thrive and Vesta Thrive product pages.



Vero SE is a state-of-the-art COB solution with revolutionary advancements in LED integration technology. Vero SE’s innovative light source system integrates Bridgelux’s seventh generation COB technology with poke-in wire connectivity that enables solder free installation.  Vero SE LED light sources streamline assembly processes, lower manufacturing cost, simplify luminaire design, improve light quality and increase design flexibility.


Vero SE  poke-in connectivity simplifies manufacturing and assembly processes by eliminating the need to solder.  Secondary connector and holder components are not required, allowing for rapid integration of arrays into fixtures and an efficient field replaceable solution.


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