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High-quality lights make streets safe and well-traveled.

Roadway lighting provides crucial safety and vision for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. Streets that are bright and welcoming have a proven ability to reduce crime, increase safety and even improve commerce. 

But there are challenges along the road. Historic lighting technologies, such as high-pressure sodium, have difficulty with uniform illumination due to their source size and limited optical control. And most light sources have short lifetimes that require constant maintenance and repair.

Our LED light sources dramatically reduce energy and maintenance costs while optimizing uniform illumination. We deliver the required lighting levels yet consume less than half the wattage of conventional high-pressure sodium lights and last up to 30 times longer. Commercial, arterial and residential roadway will all benefit from high performance Bridgelux LEDs.

Recommended Product family

Vero Series, V Series, SMD Products


High lumen products within the Vero Series and V Series families enable broad illumination to ensure safety and better visual detection.  SMD products such as the 5050 can be used with precision optics to enable highly efficient lighting systems and meet regulatory beam pattern requirements.

Related Case Studies

The historic Santa Fe Railyard in New Mexico is an exciting area for shopping, eating and events.  The decorative fixtures in this historic area were becoming increasingly dim and troublesome

NovusLED was asked to substitute existing sodium and mercury luminaires to LED street lights on 28th October Street and Megalou Alexandrou Square in Aspropirgos, Greece. The goal was to turn this

All Bridgelux BXRA3 Series LED arrays have been discontinued.  Limited supply may be available through your local distributor or through Digikey.  For new designs, please refer to our newest generation Vero® Series and V Series™ LED arrays.

Light transforms a space, and our popular BXRA3 Series creates that experience with energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. These compact LED sources are easily designed into a wide range of directional and diffuse applications, providing the superior light demanded for applications such as retail and residential.


The deep integration offered by our OLM Series is driving transformation at every level of the lighting industry. OLM introduces a simple method to develop outdoor luminaires by combining proprietary optics and environmental protection with an LED source.  OLM Series modules are designed to work with UL Class 2 drivers in non-enclosed environments, a key requirement for outdoor luminaires.  These highly innovative and integrated subsystems deliver world class performance and competitive cost, while reducing time to market, eliminating significant research and development costs, and improving manufacturing lead times.

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