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High-quality lights make streets safe and well-traveled.

Roadway lighting provides crucial safety and vision for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. Streets that are bright and welcoming have a proven ability to reduce crime, increase safety and even improve commerce. 

But there are challenges along the road. Historic lighting technologies, such as high-pressure sodium, have difficulty with uniform illumination due to their source size and limited optical control. And most light sources have short lifetimes that require constant maintenance and repair.

Our LED light sources dramatically reduce energy and maintenance costs while optimizing uniform illumination. We deliver the required lighting levels yet consume less than half the wattage of conventional high-pressure sodium lights and last up to 30 times longer. 

Leading subsystems like our OLM™ Series have proprietary optics and environmental protection that bring cost and performance advantages to the outdoor market.  Commercial, arterial and residential roadway will all benefit from high performance Bridgelux LEDs.
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