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Area & Parking Lot

Large public areas such as parks and parking lots must ensure visitor safety while keeping costs low.

Pedestrian and driver safety. Light uniformity for visual security. Energy savings and low maintenance. These are some of the liabilities of lighting applications for parks, parking lots and other large outdoor areas.  

Luminaires designed with our Vero® Series deliver protection, performance and efficacy. These high-lumen fixtures have broadspread illumination that ensure pedestrian safety and visual detection, and combine with specialized optics to produce superior uniformity of light.

The high lumen output levels and long service life of Bridgelux LED arrays dramatically reduce energy and maintenance costs. In fact, Vero based systems deliver the required lighting levels at half the wattage consumption of conventional high-pressure sodium light systems. The massive energy savings and long lifetime of the Bridgelux LED arrays make these products an ideal solution for area and parking lot lighting.  

Recommended Product Families

Vero Series, V Series, SMD


High lumen products within the Vero Series and V Series families enable broad illumination to ensure safety and better visual detection.  SMD products such as the 5050 can be used with precision optics to enable highly efficient lighting systems and meet regulatory beam pattern requirements.


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