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Industrial & Warehouse

The efficient operation of a logistics facility depends on bright, reliable lighting.

Storage, manufacturing and processing facilities are key enablers of modern trade and commerce. A critical element in their operation is proper illumination inside the industrial building or warehouse.

High ceilings must be brightly and uniformly illuminated, with little or no variation in light and dark areas, to ensure safety and reduce accidents. High-performance light improves the work environment, boosts productivity and even increases employee well-being.

Bridgelux is a committed leader in growing the industrial and warehouse space working with our ecosystem partners and delivering products specifically optimized for these applications.  Our Vero® Series arrays are the leading Chip on Board (COB) choice for high bay luminaires in large spaces, delivering CCT and color rendering in effective, high-brightness packages.  

The fully tested optical, thermal and mechanical properties of a Vero Series array ensure stable, predictable performance. Their efficacy and long lifetime reduces maintenance costs such as relamping. 

Recommended Product Families

Vero Series, EB Series, SMD Products


Larger LES sizes within the Vero Series fmaily offer broader coverage for safety and performance.  EB Series linear solutions enable high performance industrial linear lighting solutions while personalized modules using our high performance SMD components can be made in a wide variety of configurations and performance options.


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“We have tested several manufacturers of power LED chips with the result that all technical data and critical values of Bridgelux are better than the ones of the competitors.”– Julia Jenner, CDS
Crossroads LED isan LED engineering and manufacturing company that provides LED lighting solutions to the entertainment, industrial, commercial and architectural lighting markets.
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