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Plants can now be grown efficiently and effectively indoors with LED technology and without the requirement of sunlight.

Sunlight has long been the only staple source of photonic energy for plant cultivation, but this has greatly restricted cultivators to only spaces where sunlight is accessible. The development of older lighting technologies including: High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide and Fluorescents enabled the utilization of indoor greenhouses, but are not optimal for profitable cultivation.

Bridgelux LED technology enables growers to maximize their yield outputs and significantly reduce their overall production costs. Our LEDs deliver optimal spectral coverage and photon output to satisfy all stages of a plant’s growth cycle. This includes quick germination, fast plant growth and expedited flowering, producing high quality product in mass volume.

Bridgelux LEDs emit ideal color spectrums to meet the specific photonic nutrients plants require to grow fast and abundantly, while minimizing energy consumption and thermal output. Our LED COB technology enables lighting manufacturers to easily bring LED light fixtures to market with leading optical outputs to satisfy a multitude of plants and their nutritional requirements.

Recommended Product Family

Vero Series


Breadth of LES sizes within the Vero Series family delivers optimal spectral coverage for the lifecycle of a plant.  The full spectrum generated by Vero Series with Décor technology enables high PPF levels to optimize plant growth.

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