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The entertainment industry needs to evoke personality and feelings in a visually appealing manner.

The entertainment and performance industry—TV, movies, live performances—has undergone profound changes in recent years.   For stage environments of all kinds, the show cannot go on without quality lighting.

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Movie sets, theatrical stages, and TV studios, are dominated by power-hungry lights that radiate extreme amounts of heat. Bridgelux LED light sources solve this problem with technology that delivers precisely defined color points with no radiated IR heat.

Our Décor Series™ Specialty LED products drastically cut electricity costs for lighting and air conditioning, while delivering the consistent, spectacular light that producers need. On-air talent and production crews have the additional benefit of a cool working environment that increases comfort and productivity.

Recommended Product Family

Vero Series


Vero with Décor Series technology offers color points and CRI for outstanding color rendering necessary in television, movies and live performances.

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