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To our customers and partners:

The COVID-19 virus is changing the way in which we work and engage with our customers and partners.  We at Bridgelux take this global threat seriously, and have adjusted our way of working to ensure the health and safety of both our employees as well as that of our customers and partners.  Our Fremont headquarter staff is now working remotely, and we have put in place travel restrictions and efforts to delay face to face meetings.

"To illuminate art and history, the quality of light is fundamental,
which is why I chose to use Bridgelux technology in my products."

Federico Ognibene, ILM Lighting

“On behalf of Bridgelux, I would like to express disappointment in the recent Department of Energy rollback of requirements for energy-efficient bulbs. It is a shame that the U.S. has led in the development of LED technology, but has lagged behind much of the rest of the world in its beneficial deployment. We at Bridgelux remain committed to advancing technology that will deliver increased energy savings for our customers and decreased environmental impact."

–Tim Lester, Bridgelux CEO

Last August we launched a new video series called Ask Apps, which is available on YouTube

Members of our Applications Engineering team took questions from customers, potential customers and LED fans from all over the world and answered them through video.  Topics ranged from describing current hogging to evaluating light issues to compatible optics for our Vero® SE family of arrays.

You know you’ve got your work cut out for you when your industry becomes fodder for a comedian:

Bridgelux e’ nel 2019 uno degli sponsor di “Formazione in Luce,“ un progetto congiunto  AIDI ed ASSIL  di formazione ed informazione per gli operatori nel settore dell’illuminazione.

Bridgelux e’ attenta a promuovere l’innovazione e la luce di qualita’ siamo quindi  onorati di potere supportare questo programma:


Bridgelux is pleased to sponsor the third edition of Formazione in Luce, a joint product of AIDI and ASSIL, designed to update and train the lighting industry.  We are committed to the development and innovation of high quality of light and look forward to the robust discussions throughout the entire program.

Below is more information from the program organizers:


On the 20th February 2019 the third edition of "Formazione in Luce," the joint project AIDI and ASSIL, will start.

Bridgelux Vesta® Series is a comprehensive line of tunable white and dim-to-warm products that enable fixture manufacturers to build adaptable lighting solutions into their installations.  

It’s that time of year when we start seeing lists.  Top 10 lists.  Most popular lists.  Year in review lists.

In 2017, we celebrated our 15-year anniversary and made such a list to commemorate the occasion:

15 Things You May Not Know About Bridgelux

Update: October, 2018

As we again celebrate National LED Light Day on October 7, 2018, here are some reasons why we love LEDs and are always fascinated by the power of light:

Enjoy your celebrations this year!