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Customer Story: The Baroque Masterpiece of Vasanzio Is Shining Again

"To illuminate art and history, the quality of light is fundamental,
which is why I chose to use Bridgelux technology in my products."

Federico Ognibene, ILM Lighting

ILM Lighting is an Italian company founded in the 1970s in the early days of lighting design when lighting techniques were still unexplored.  The few truly innovative technologies and solutions to illuminate complex environments, such as a TV show or monuments, were limited.

It was at that moment that the ILM Lighting founder, Marcello Ognibene, started experimenting with light using the little-known technology of neon light and in 1980 invented the cold cathode trichrome that makes it possible to mix red, green and blue to generate infinite nuances of color. Marcello's passion was passed along to his sons, Luca and Federico, who joined him in the mid-1990s to experiment with a new technology: LED lighting.

Now led by Federico Ognibene, ILM Lighting continues to develop and produce lighting fixtures, which recently have been included four Olympic Games (Atlanta 1996, Beijing 2008, Rio 2016 and PyeongChang 2018), two UNESCO heritage sites (San Francesco d’Assisi and the Coliseum), countless monuments, theaters and works of art, and winning a World Championship in France at the Solar Decathlon 2014.

Below is a description of one of their most recent projects in Rome: The Stairs of Pastorella (Scala della Pastorella)

Fast Facts: 

  • Bridgelux Products: Vero® Series 13mm and 18mm
  • ILM Lighting Product: Quasimodo Slim, Pole and Bracket
  • Location: Rome

From ILM Lighting:

The Casino dell'Aurora is a jewel of the Roman Baroque period of the early 1600s, which cardinal Scipione Borghese had built by Giovanni Vasanzio on the ruins of the Baths of Constantine. Its windows directly overlook the Piazza del Quirinale and the Fontana dei Dioscuri, and its three larger windows overlook the hanging garden of about 2,000 square meters.

But its artistic and cultural value is also noteworthy thanks to the presence of marble statues and busts of extraordinary beauty and preservation, including the famous Artemis Huntress - the most complete of these statues from the Hellenistic period - and Athena Rospigliosi, which is located on the top of the famous Scala della Pastorella, where at his feet there is a small cave covered with stalactites.
After a thorough restoration, the Staircase of Pastorella now has a new lighting design created by Professor Arch. Adriano Caputo and his Studio Illumina team, who has created a pattern of shadows for this Baroque jewel, which enhances its angles and size.
ILM Lighting thanks the Holding Immobiliare Pallavicini S.p.A. for kindly proving the photos.
For more information, please visit the ILM Lighting website.