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Formazione in Luce - English

Bridgelux is pleased to sponsor the third edition of Formazione in Luce, a joint product of AIDI and ASSIL, designed to update and train the lighting industry.  We are committed to the development and innovation of high quality of light and look forward to the robust discussions throughout the entire program.

Below is more information from the program organizers:


On the 20th February 2019 the third edition of "Formazione in Luce," the joint project AIDI and ASSIL, will start.

After the success of the first two editions, for 2019 there will be numerous innovations that will increase the value of the educational and cultural project "Formazione in Luce", developed with the aim of updating and training the lighting supply chain.

The third edition is enriched with three new courses dedicated to the lighting of sports facilities, lighting of the show and light art and “light as a substance”. These issues will be joined by those already dealt during the previous editions: the lighting project (UNI 11630 standard), Human Centric Lighting, the digital management of light. In addition to these, lighting of commercial areas, residential spaces, offices, school buildings, art, museum and church lighting. Not to mention lighting criteria and energy requalification, light plans and street lighting criteria, public lighting service management contracts, lighting of street and urban environment.

Other important features of the 2019 edition are the new locations of the trainings. The meetings, which will always take place in Milan, will be held at the premises of CEI (Italian Electrotechnical Committee), UNI (Italian Standards Body) and IMQ (Italian Institute of the Quality Mark). The collaboration with the national standards bodies and one of the most important certification institutes will contribute to promoting the culture of quality light, a central aspect of “Formazione in Luce" project.

Important and representative are the teachers: Giordana Arcesilai, Laura Bellia, GianPiero Bellomo, Chiara Bertolaja, Mario Bonomo, Jaqueline Ceresoli, Marco Frascarolo, Alessandro Grassia, Ruggero Guanella, Fabio Pagano, Anna Pellegrino, Alessandra Reggiani, Franco Rusnati, Alberto Scalchi, Luigi Schiavon.

Below is the complete calendar of the 2019 meetings:

  • 20th February – The lighting project: UNI11630 standard
  • 19th March - Outdoor urban areas: lighting and energy requalification criteria
  • 4th April - Lighting of indoor commercial areas: lighting criteria and energy performance
  • 8th May- Human Centric Lighting
  • 21st May- Digital management of light
  • 10th June- Residential areas, hospitality and wellness areas: lighting criteria and regulatory requirements
  • 2nd July - Lighting of sports spaces
  • 11th July - Lighting of green areas and water: application areas and criteria, characteristics of luminaires and standard requirement
  • 17th September - Lighting of schools: lighting criteria and standard requirements
  • 24th September - Public lighting procurement and street lighting criteria
  • 3rd October - Lighting for the show and light art
  • 22nd October - Office lighting: standard requirement and energy performance
  • 5th November - Illumination of works of art, museum installations and churches
  • 19th November - Outdoor urban areas: lighting plans and street lighting criteria

All courses will be held in Italian. On the website it is possible to deepen the contents of the courses, obtain all the useful information on how to participate and register directly online.

Formazione in Luce 2019 is patronized by ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) and supported by Areti S.p.A., Bridgelux Inc., Cariboni Group S.p.A., Enel X Italia S.r.l., IMQ, Linergy S.r.l., Simes S.p.A. and ZG Lighting S.r.l..

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