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90 Is The New 80

We are thrilled to announce that starting this month, we will offer up to 5% efficacy improvement on select 90 CRI SKUs within our Vero® Series, Vero® SE Series, and V Series™ product families.

If you've come this far on the Bridgelux website, you know the definition and importance of CRI.  And you're aware that TM-30-15 is an even more robust measurement that should be considered when selecting your light source.  But we want to take a moment to give you a little more information about why we're implementing these new 90 CRI SKUs.

Generally, one of the industry trends that we've observed is a move toward higher CRI products.  Expectations of manufacturers to provide various options for performance and quality of LED light sources continues to grow.  Customers know Bridgelux for our quality of light, and we strive to continually meet these growing expectations.  

Specifically, California's Title 24  residential regulations require a minimum CRI of 90.  While we had previously been able to help our customers meet the regulations, these new products that we have developed are optimized to provide even higher efficacy clearance to help fixtures achieve compliance with greater ease.  Bridgelux is also headquartered in California, and is able to support many of our local constituents who are looking to us for guidance and confirmation of LED products that they can use to qualify for Title 24 rebates.

Back in January, we shared our commitment to you to provide simple, flexible and consistent solutions.  As we continue to expand our lighting solution portfolio, we look forward to hearing what's working and what else you'd like to see. 

For more information, please read the excerpt below from our June, 2018 newsletter to Bridgelux subscribers, or contact us for more information.  Please also give us a shout if you have TM-30-15 questions for Bridgelux LED products.

Excerpt from the June, 2018 newsletter to Bridgelux subscribers:

Quality of light is increasingly meaningful and critical to businesses that are building human-centric, connected environments to engage and excite customers.  We are pleased to announce that in early autumn, we will offer up to 5% efficacy improvement on select 90 CRI SKUs within our Vero® SeriesVero® SE Series, and V Series™ product lines.  Please contact your sales representative for more information.