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Bridgelux Arrays Increasing Energy Efficiency And Visibility In Outdoor Lighting Module

Livermore, Calif., March 26, 2012Bridgelux, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of LED lighting technologies and solutions, announced today that its awarding-winning RS LED arrays have been selected by ZON LED as the LED-based light source for their billboard lighting retrofit solution permitting easy upgrades for the most common billboard lighting fixtures in North America. ZON LED’s proprietary retrofit technology directly benefits outdoor advertising customers by delivering much higher energy efficiency together with higher quantity and quality of light. The LED-based lighting technology produces higher quality 5000K light with higher color rendering making the sign graphics vividly standout with bright, realistic colors, appearing more desirable to the human eye. ZON LED is now retrofitting 6000 metal halide (MH) lighting systems for one of the largest outdoor advertisers in North America, with plans to retrofit another 4000 over the next 3 months with installations in Canada and the United States.

“ZON LED was pleased to work with Bridgelux to engineer a custom lighting retrofit system which resulted in dramatic improvements in illumination, increased light uniformity and color quality throughout the panel,” said Arnold Stoll of ZON LED. “Additionally, due to the use of the LED arrays, ZON’s Light Splitter™ technology and heat management features we achieved better beam control allowing us to tackle the persistent problem of light pollution. We believe that this LED retrofit solution will revolutionize lighting practices across the roadway sign industry.”

Current billboard lighting systems use 1 to 4, 400W lamp fixtures to provide sufficient billboard illumination. ZON LED developed a customized retrofit solution using Bridgelux RS LED arrays that accurately directs the light beam onto the billboard panel dramatically reducing the problem of light pollution caused by traditional MH lighting systems. A conventional billboard lighting system with 2 MH fixtures consumes about 4000 kW per year based on the 12 hour per day seven day per week operation. The ZON LED retrofit module by comparison, consumed only about 1200 kW per year for an annual savings of 72% in energy costs. In addition, the long life of LED-based lighting systems virtually eliminates the need of lighting maintenance.

About Bridgelux

Bridgelux is a leading developer and manufacturer of technologies and solutions transforming the$40 billion global lighting industry into a $100 billion market opportunity. Based in Livermore, California, Bridgelux is a pioneer in solid state lighting (SSL), expanding the market for light emitting diode (LED) technologies by driving down the cost of LED lighting systems. Bridgelux’s patented light source technology replaces traditional technologies (such as incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and high intensity discharge lighting) with integrated, solid state lighting solutions that enable lamp and luminaire manufacturers to provide high performance and energy-efficient white light for the rapidly growing interior and exterior lighting markets, including street lights, commercial lighting and consumer applications. With more than 650 patent applications filed or granted worldwide, Bridgelux is the only vertically integrated LED manufacturer and developer of solid state light sources that designs its solutions specifically for the lighting industry. For more information about the company, please visit


ZON LED, LLC is a leader in high lumen, low power consumption LED lighting fixtures and retrofit modules for the replacement of fluorescent and metal halide fixtures saving from 50-70% of the energy consumed by conventional lighting technologies. Headquartered in Romeo, Michigan the company develops innovative lighting products in its own design and manufacturing center. ZON LED’s Michigan facility is home to the research and development, design, quality, and manufacturing activities associated with its proprietary LED and other advanced lighting technologies such as its line of ZONStorm™ parking garage, parking area and wall packs fixtures as well as ZON’s high bay and facility fixtures. The company maintains a staff of highly skilled mechanical, electrical, thermal, optical, and reliability engineers working closely with industrial designers, lab technicians, and manufacturing personnel to accelerate the development and commercialization of relevant industry-leading LED solutions. ZON LED prides itself on utilizing North American manufactured products whenever possible in the design of its fixtures. For additional company information, please visit