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What's National LED Light Day?

Update: October, 2018

As we again celebrate National LED Light Day on October 7, 2018, here are some reasons why we love LEDs and are always fascinated by the power of light:

Enjoy your celebrations this year!

Original post: october 3, 2016

Friday, October 7 marks the first annual National LED Light Day!

At Bridgelux, we wanted to find a fun way to celebrate all things LED.  We are a company that is passionate about lighting and is working to build the best and highest-quality LED lighting.

We’ve come a long way since 2002 when we started building chips.  Today, we’ve expanded our offering beyond chips and into COB arrays, modules, and emitters.  We strive to show the power and possibility of lighting, and how it can impact all of us in emotional, economic and environmental ways.

Our CEO, Tim Lester, says, “Lighting matters to everyone.  With advancements in LED research and development, the industry can build products that inspire and influence emotion, and promote a safer, more economical environment.  We value our customers and are excited to continue innovating new solutions with them.”

We are confident that LED technology will evolve in exciting ways, and we at Bridgelux will deliver the magic and brilliance of LED lighting.

Can I Participate?


If you’re our customer, our partner, or even our competitor, we want you to celebrate October 7.  Use this day as a time to promote your LED products and educate those who have questions or concerns about the technology. 

Be sure to tag your celebrations with #NationalLEDLightDay on social media.