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AN34 – Reliability Data for Bridgelux Vero and V Series LED Arrays

The Bridgelux family of Vero and V Series LED Array products delivers high performance, compact and cost-effective solid-state lighting solutions to serve the general lighting market. These products combine the higher efficiency, lifetime, and reliability benefits of LEDs with the light output levels of many conventional lighting sources.

The Bridgelux Vero and V Series LED Arrays have been fully qualified to a rigorous set of reliability tests including extended endurance testing, environmental testing and mechanical testing. The qualification program is based on standard semiconductor qualification test methodologies defined by JEDEC. In addition, Bridgelux conducts lumen maintenance testing in accordance with the industry standard requirements of IES document IES-LM-80-08.

This application note provides a summary of the reliability data obtained during product qualification testing prior to the release of the Bridgelux Vero and V Series LED Arrays to the market. The note also includes an overview of ongoing long-term lumen maintenance testing.


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