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Human Centric Lighting Calculator

Throughout evolution, the human visual system has evolved under the natural light of sun and fire.  These light sources have standardized industry spectral power definitions that describe the state of natural light.  Lighting specifiers, designers, and luminaire manufacturers regularly consider color quality metrics such as CRI and TM-30, as well as individual spectral power distributions (SPDs), when making decisions regarding light source selection.  However, until now, there has been no metric that quantifies the naturalness of a light source.  Average Spectral Difference (ASD) provides an objective measurement of how closely a light source matches natural light over the visible spectrum, averaging the differences of the spectral peaks and valleys between a light source and a standardized natural light source of the same CCT.


Bridgelux Thrive™ is a family of white points designed for Bridgelux surface mount devices (SMD), V Series™ and V Series HD chip-on-board LED arrays, EB SeriesTM linear modules, and Vesta® tunable white COBs and modules.  Engineered to provide the closest match to natural light available using proprietary chip, phosphor, and packaging technology, Thrive can be used in constant color point luminaires to bring full spectrum natural light indoors, or in tunable white luminaires to incorporate circadian elements that may impact human well-being.  The high-fidelity spectral output of Thrive creates stunning environments with excellent color rendering and outstanding TM-30 metrics.  Target applications include office, education, healthcare, retail, hospitality, architectural, museums, and residential lighting.


To learn more about Vesta Thrive please visit our Vesta Thrive product page.

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