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OLM Series – The New LED Alternative to High Pressure Sodium Lamps

The new Bridgelux OLM™ Series is a highly innovative integrated subsystem that delivers world class performance and meaningful cost advantages while reducing time to market, eliminating significant research and development costs, and improving manufacturing lead times. The OLM Series is designed to replace the prolific High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamp which has become the standard lighting source used in outdoor lighting applications.

Leveraging Industry Standards

Sodium lamps first came to market in 1932 with the invention of the Low Pressure Sodium lamp (LPS). After a few decades of introduction, the HPS lamp was introduced in 1964 and has dominated the outdoor lighting market for the last 50 years.  The mass adoption of HPS technology has standardized many applications like roadway lighting around the fixed wattages, lumen outputs and patterns available with HPS.  Lighting OEMs have been challenged in converting these applications to LED light sources for a number of reasons, including the lack of alternative LED-based products with an equivalent optical pattern, lumen level versatility and design flexibility.

The Bridgelux OLM Series subsystem provides targeted lumen output levels together with optics that achieve the precise lighting patterns commonly used with HPS lamps. The OLM Series offering integrates a Bridgelux® LED light source, optical lenses and an electrical connection into a single environmentally protected product. This new subassembly from Bridgelux can be used as a base platform for a portfolio of products enabling the customer to leverage luminaire casting, reduce design costs and limit investment exposure.

The new Bridgelux OLM Series is scheduled to be commercially available in June 2014.

For more information see our product page and brochure by clicking here.