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New Bridgelux Solutions Connect Light and Life

Bridgelux expands its product portfolio to include new driver, control and light source solutions

FREMONT, Calif., March 18, 2018 - Driving light emitting diode (LED) industry transformation for over 15 years, Bridgelux is pleased to announce during Light+Building a range of new solutions that bring the concept of human centric lighting and connected lighting to life. 

In this increasingly connected world, Bridgelux is committed to delivering robust solutions allowing customers to develop products that are ready for integration into a networked infrastructure while maintaining a high quality of light.  Bridgelux Dual Channel Driver enables connectivity with various sensors and controls allowing customers to take full advantage of correlated color temperature (CCT) tunable lighting within their installation.  Working seamlessly with Bridgelux Vesta® Series Tunable White Linear, and other tunable light sources, the Dual Channel Driver is an ideal solution for the troffer market allowing customers to future proof their installations. 

The Bridgelux Bluetooth® Control is a new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device that can be used to control and manage light fixtures using iOS or Android devices in a Bluetooth mesh network.   The Bluetooth Control is a low profile device that provides wireless control of Vesta Series Dim-To-Warm and Tunable White products in conjunction with an appropriate dual-channel driver.

Bridgelux understands that quality of light matters, and as part of the solution platform, it is also expanding its core products to deliver the right quality of light at the right time for end users.  Bridgelux SMD Ultra is a line of surface mount devices designed for consistency in architectural grade lighting applications with ultra-high color rendering index (CRI) and R9 values for consistency with core Bridgelux chip-on-board (COB) products.  With improved color angle uniformity, SMD Ultra is ideal for office, museum, residential, retail and hospitality applications.

Horticulture and Circadian are two new application color points available across several Bridgelux array and linear product lines.  Horticulture solutions from Bridgelux offer high PPF (photosynthetic photon flux), photon efficiency, and full PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) coverage for plant germination, growth and flowering.  Horticulture solutions are available on Bridgelux V Series™, V Series™ HD, Vero® Series, Vero® SE Series, and SMD products.

Designed to improve the human experience and how we interact with light, Circadian solutions offer a wide range of melanopic ratios with CCT control for daytime and evening environments.  Circadian solutions are available on Vesta® Series and Décor Series fixed white points.

“We are very proud and excited to launch these new products,” said Aaron Merrill, Vice President of Marketing.  “We are confident that customers now have proven solutions to build their end-to-end solution in a fully integrated and connected environment.  Continuing to address customer needs for their future is a priority for Bridgelux.”

Bridgelux SMD Ultra, and Horticulture and Circadian color points, are available now.  Bridgelux Dual Channel Driver and Bluetooth® Control will be available in Q2 of this year. 


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