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It's Our Sweet 16

It’s that time of year when we start seeing lists.  Top 10 lists.  Most popular lists.  Year in review lists.

In 2017, we celebrated our 15-year anniversary and made such a list to commemorate the occasion:

15 Things You May Not Know About Bridgelux

  1. We have LM79 and LM80 accredited test facilities
  2. We have nearly 900 Gen 7 product SKUs
  3. We work with all leading industry material suppliers
  4. We support the business 24/7 with our global team
  5. We offered the first global commercial COB product line
  6. We have 29 unique white points
  7. We are self-sufficient with internal testing capabilities
  8. We offer Vero® SE Series, the first integrated COB with poke-in holder
  9. We were the first to offer a 10-year warranty on select COBs
  10. We developed and wrote the first COB Application Notes
  11. We created the first COB to be UL recognized
  12. We are the first to offer a large breadth of tunable white options in our Vesta® Series family
  13. We were the first to offer Class A and ultra-high CRI white points
  14. We started off as eLite Optoelectronics
  15. We go through over 4,500 creamers a year in our HQ office alone

 As we celebrate our Sweet 16 this year, we wanted to add one new fun fact to our list:

16.   On our 280mm and 560mm EB Series™ and 560mm Vesta® Series Tunable White Linear, there are 16 strings of 2835 SMDs in parallel

And here’s one to grow on as we head into our 17th year:

            17.   Did you know that we now offer 1 SDCM on select products? 


In preparing this list, we also noticed that 16 is the atomic number of sulfur.  Why is this important?  Because sulfur and LEDs are not exactly BFFs. 

We previously wrote about LEDs, sulfur resistance and how Bridgelux designs products with appropriate materials in mind that do not contain chemicals that will lead to corrosion.  We continue to advise our customers to be cognizant of the environment in which your products are operating, understand what is in the air surrounding the fixture, and always read Bridgelux Application Notes to understand which chemical materials might harm the LED products.


All of us at Bridgelux thank you for your loyalty, trust and support during our last 16 years.  Without you, we wouldn’t be here.  We have appreciated your business and partnership, and look forward to many more years working together.