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Which linear solution is right for me?

Here at Bridgelux, we have several linear light source solutions available that give customers the power to create unique and dynamic spaces.

Below are links to their webpages, but for a consolidated chart comparing features and specifications such as CCT, efficacy, color consistency, beam pattern and more, please click here.

IB Series™

IB Series™ modules are plug-and-play linear light emitting diode (LED) solutions that enable highly uniform, glare free lighting.  While most competing modules only have a 120 degree wide beam pattern, IB Series modules have a uniquely wide 240 degree bat wing beam pattern.  The remote phosphor system architecture eliminates the pixilation that is often present with linear LED lighting systems and remains clean and consistent even under deep dimming conditions. 

Relevant market applications: Retail and hospitality, architectural & museums, office & education, healthcare


EB Series™

EB Series™ modules are designed for linear troffers, pendants and other luminaires in indoor commercial and industrial applications.  The modules can be connected end-to-end providing flexibility in designing luminaires.  They are Zhaga compatible that further simplify design by providing easy mounting options, reusable poke-in connectors and by being compatible with a variety of off-the-shelf optics.  

Relevant market applications: retail and hospitality, architectural, office & education, healthcare


Vesta® Series Tunable White Linear

Bridgelux Vesta Series is a comprehensive line of tunable white and dim-to-warm products that enable fixture manufacturers to build adaptable lighting solutions into their installations.  They allow designers to mimic daylight to increase productivity and well-being, retailers to influence shopper behavior, and fixture manufactures to simulate the familiar glow and dimming of incandescent lamps.   The Vesta Series Tunable White Linear module is an SMD-based module.

Relevant market applications: office & education


Contact us anytime with questions.  We’d also love to see any installation photos using these products!