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Bridgelux Dedication To The Quality of Light

Quality of Light

"We are all born as wonderful detectors of light, intuitively seeing differences in color and brightness. Lighting professionals know that people respond emotionally to light and color, and use its consistency to draw us in and capture our attention."

At Bridgelux, we’re proud of the attention we give to the quality of light from our products.  We are often asked to explain why color matters and how perceivable color or light changes can make or break a lighting project. 

What’s SDCM and Why Does It Matter?

Standard Deviation of Color Matching (SDCM) and “MacAdam ellipse” are used to quantify when the average human eye will start noticing the difference between two color points.  A typical human eye cannot detect color differences at 1 SDCM, and can only start to detect slight differences at 2 SDCM.

Seasoned lighting manufacturers create products with a tighter distribution of color points, a.k.a smaller MacAdam Ellipses, which customers enjoy because they can create products with more consistent light quality.

Listen to Maria Topete, Bridgelux Director of Application Engineering, explain more:  

How Do We Make It Happen?

At Bridgelux, we’ve prioritized the spectrum quality of our products by building detailed processes and strict quality control standards that come from manufacturing maturity and multiple generations of experience.  We focus on technical details such as thermal performance and die layout.  However, we also understand how to design for superior optical uniformity, exceptional brightness uniformity, and outstanding color consistency, all of which affect the quality of light.

Why Choose Bridgelux

We took time to create the best color quality of our products rather than simply promoting our increased efficacy at 155 lm/W.  The result is a Bridgelux product able to have both efficacy and quality advancements for customers. 

We are one of the few companies to offer both 2 SDCM and 3 SDCM standard products.  Our products are based on current industry standards such as SDCM, Gamut Area Index (GAI) and TM-30-15 that provide a consistent way to evaluate our products.

We trust that the Bridgelux dedication to the quality of light will help you succeed with your lighting needs.  For more information on our 2 SDCM offering, please refer to our Vero® Series webpage.