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Optics for Outdoor Luminaires

We often receive questions about optic materials such as silicone and their benefits.  We have an extensive list of ecosystem partners that we work with who are experts in providing responses and solutions to your various luminaire and manufacturing needs. 

Here’s the scoop on silicone to get you started:

Silicone has properties like impact resistance, environmental sealing, and thermal stability that help companies reach regulatory compliance with certain luminaire designs.  These attributes have driven some of our ecosystem partners to focus on silicone optics that meet the outdoor lighting market radial pattern requirements.  

Khatod has a series of silicone optics that marry with the 13 and 18mm LES Bridgelux Vero® Series and V Series™ arrays.  These optics provide various streetlight patterns and can achieve classifications like IESNA RP-8, RP-20, NEMA and EN 13-201.

Ledil, another Bridgelux ecosystem partner, also has a series of silicone optics branded STELLA, which are suitable for streetlights, parking lots and high bays.  The STELLA line of optics is optimized for the 18, 22 and 29mm LES products offered by Bridgelux. 

The Bridgelux OLM™ Series optics are made using polycarbonate and are designed for the smaller Vero 10 array, which has less thermal power than the larger 18, 22 and 29mm LES products addressed by the silicone optics.  The optics are factory-sealed into the subsystems to simplify luminaire assembly.  Multiple optical patterns are currently available with additional patterns in development.

If you plan to develop an LED streetlight, then you’ll need to find appropriate optics that address your regulatory and certification requirements while keeping in mind questions such as:

  • Do I need a gasket?  A clamp?
  • Where do I put the screw holes?
  • Am I confident the system will pass an impact test?
  • Will the properties of the lens material change once exposed to sunlight and the environment?

And always keep in mind application-specific requirements for selection, assessment, and assembly.

If you have questions about Bridgelux ecosystem partners or the Bridgelux OLM Series, please let us know below, through our Contact form, or through your local Bridgelux Sales representative.