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Testing Services

In state-of-the-art labs at Bridgelux locations worldwide, engineers provides three tracks of design testing: thermal/mechanical, electrical and optical.

Thermal & Mechanical Testing: Our industry-leading test equipment analyzes each part of a luminaire to ensure all thermal and mechanical aspects of the design are within scope. Thermal imaging cameras, automated thermocouple monitoring and chemical compatibility tests are performed and reported for each design. 

Electrical Testing: These critical examinations include driver efficiency, transient analysis such as surge, and in-rush and hot-plug. Our comprehensive power analysis covers transient harmonic distortion, power factor, high potential or dielectric breakdown, and dimmer compatibility tests.

Optical Testing: A battery of invaluable tests includes luminous and radiant flux, chromaticity, spectral distribution, efficacy, intensity distribution and spatial color uniformity. These optical tests are performed in our IAS-accredited labs for LM-79-08 and LM-82 photometric testing.

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