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Bridgelux Research Study Reveals Top Lighting Specifiers’ Preference for Thrive Nature Light

FREMONT, Ca – December 1, 2021 –Bridgelux (, the leading developer and manufacturer of innovative LED solutions, announces the results of a study the firm commissioned for its innovative full spectrum product family, Thrive.  The goal of the study was to ascertain whether top designers would recognize a difference between Thrive and 90 CRI products and find out which light source looked more natural based on their expert opinion.

The study utilized a complement of Thrive and 90+ CRI LEDs at three popular color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. The light sources were placed inside a box and attached to a switch.  Common articles in different colors and finishes along with a standard Color Chart were placed under the LEDs inside the box. Designers were able to switch back and forth in each CCT to discern any differences.  Their comments were recorded over a series of 18 separate tests.  Across this wide range of objects, Thrive was preferred 88% of the time compared to 8% for 90 CRI and 4% undecided. Enthusiastic response to Thrive were typical with one lighting designer claiming “It felt like sunlight coming through the window.” A one-minute video showing how designers embraced the natural spectrum of Thrive can be viewed here:

Thrive uses a broad-blue chip technology and special phosphor blend to fill in the common Cyan gap that plagues most LED solutions.  The technology is at the heart of Sylvania’s TruWave technology for their popular Nature™ Lamp series of products.  Because of Thrive’s full-spectrum approach, Thrive is more able to match the spectrum of the sun across all color temperatures. Benefits of the natural spectrum of the sun using Thrive include reduced eye strain, less fragmented sleep and a higher sense of emotional well-being.

“The development of new LED technologies is often times done in a vacuum,” says Tim Lester, CEO of Bridgelux.  “It is hard to know whether designers will like it.  By tracking as close to the natural spectrum of the sun, however, we were able to anticipate the positive reactions.  Even so, the overwhelming support from high-end, high-impact specifiers is humbling and lets us know we hit our target.”

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