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Bridgelux Honored at Fourth Annual LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards Gala

FREMONT, CA, February 15, 2018 — The Sapphire Awards Gala Dinner, held on the night of February 14, 2018, celebrated the most innovative companies in the solid-state lighting (SSL) industry by naming the fourth annual LEDs Magazine Sapphire Award winners. The event, held in conjunction with Strategies in Light, The LED Show, and Lightspace California in Anaheim, CA, aboard the RMS Queen Mary honored the enabling technologies and elegance-of-design in finished lighting products in the industry. Bridgelux was thrilled to receive a Sapphire Award in the Packaged LEDs and OLEDs category for the Vesta® Series Dim-To-Warm array products.

“With LEDs sources the story was long about energy efficiency, but when history is written it will be about photometrics and form factor. LEDs enable all new experiences in light,” said Maury Wright, Editor-in-Chief of LEDs Magazine. “Our Sapphire Awards winners exemplify that eventuality with innovation that is simply amazing relative to products from one year ago.”

Bridgelux Vesta Series Dim-To-Warm Arrays are part of the Vesta Series product family, a comprehensive line of tunable white and dim-to-warm LED products that enable fixture manufacturers to build adaptable lighting solutions into their installations. 

Vesta Series Dim-To-Warm Arrays deliver dynamic light in a cost-effective, solid state lighting package allowing designers and fixture manufacturers to simulate the familiar glow and dimming of incandescent lamps.   Ideal for retail or museum applications, and other applications such as hospitality where simple dynamic lighting is needed for an optimal experience without the burden of complicated and cost-prohibitive lighting systems, Vesta Series Dim-To-Warm Array products are perfect drop-in replacements to achieve the appropriate ambient light.  

“We are truly honored to be recognized for our Vesta Series Dim-To-Warm product,” said Tim Lester, Bridgelux’s Chief Executive Officer.  “Dynamic, adaptable lighting is the future of how light will be personalized and experienced.”

88 companies working across the LED and solid-state lighting sectors nominated over 100 products to be considered for the fourth annual Sapphire Awards, along with outstanding individuals or teams for the prestigious Illumineer of the Year award. Sapphire Awards judges ultimately considered products across 20 technology categories that covered the spectrum of lighting applications. During the Gala, the best of the best took home the Sapphire trophies after the late-night celebration.

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