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Bridgelux Continues to Drive Innovation in the Outdoor and Industrial Space with the Launch of Outdoor Light Module (OLM)

Bridgelux is very excited to announce the launch of the new Bridgelux OLM Series, our first integrated LED module subsystem product for the outdoor and industrial space. OLM (Outdoor Light Module) blends the performance and technology benefits of our Vero COB Series array with optics technology developed by Bridgelux engineers to maximize system efficacy while minimizing system cost.

A key innovation of OLM is the adaptation into the module of refractive optics technology commonly used in emitter optics to our COB products. This innovation allows us to maximize optical control while enabling environmental protection leading to increased system efficacies.  We have developed several versions of these optics to accommodate the full range of light patterns required by IESNA and other regional standards bodies in the roadway space, while simultaneously providing options for less stringent area lighting or high bay designs.

While we believe COB and optical performance are critical value propositions in and of themselves, an often-overlooked expense for our OEMs is the integration of these components into a high performance luminaire that can withstand the challenges and hazards of exterior and industrial installations.  OLM solves this by packaging the COB, optics and electrical connection into a simple and easy to use module that mimics the form factor and light output of a conventional HID bulb.  So rather than spending valuable R&D funds on PCB design, tooling, and integration, OLM customers can focus on higher value add elements like industrial design, driver, and controls integration.

Going forward, we plan to use OLM as a platform to drive system efficacy and cost improvements, while exploring opportunities to onboard controls and other functionality directly into the module.

In the end, OLM and other system technologies developed by Bridgelux have a very simple goal: to enable our OEM customers to develop lower cost, higher performance fixtures faster and with a lower up-front investment. This technology combined with our best-in-class applications engineering support, positions Bridgelux’s OEM customers to lead the solid-state lighting industry to the next level of lighting performance and functionality.