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Company Improves Chip Performance Utilizing Traditional, Low-Risk Technology

SUNNYVALE, CALIF., June 4, 2008 — Bridgelux,
Inc., a leading supplier of energy-saving LED technology for high-volume,
solid-state lighting markets, today announced commercial availability
of its new NLX-5 high-power gallium nitride (GaN) LED chip. The
NLX-5, when embedded in a customer’s standard, cool white
LED package, provides a typical light output of 85–90 lumens
(@350 mA). As a result, the NLX-5 delivers the industry’s
leading cost-per-lumen performance for warm white, cool white and
RGB applications today.

In a LED package, the NLX-5 is ideal for general lighting applications,
such as LED street lights, architectural down lights, MR-16 lamps,
as well as mobile phone and digital camera flash applications. As
Bridgelux’s fifth-generation chip, the NLX-5 offers a 15-20
percent performance improvement over its predecessors. The company
continues to improve the performance of its LED chips based on a
low-cost manufacturing technology that has been abandoned by others
in the industry in favor of thin-film LED architectures, which ultimately
are more complex and costly.

“By merging our innovative chip designs with traditional sapphire-based
LED chip architectures, we’ve increased LED performance on
a very robust, high-yield technology platform,” said Bridgelux’s
Director of R&D, Steve Lester. “Many companies have believed
that high-light extraction was only possible with the removal of
the sapphire substrate. Our team has pushed the technology to achieve
higher performance without sapphire removal and its typically negative
impact upon yield and cost. Based on current R&D results, we
project that by later this year, we can provide an additional 10-15
percent improvement—with further anticipated performance improvements
continuing over the next 12 months, utilizing this same high-power
LED technology platform.”

The NLX-5 will provide Bridgelux customers with a low cost-per-lumen
solution to help speed market adoption of solid-state lighting applications
into the general lighting market. The Bridgelux chip technology
is not only lower in cost to manufacture, but is also easier and
more cost-effective for customers to integrate into lighting products,
either as single or multi-chip LED packages.

About Bridgelux

Focused on bringing innovation to light, Bridgelux is fast-becoming
a leading provider of high-power, cost-effective and energy-efficient,
yet extremely reliable, light-emitting diode (LED) solutions. The
company’s proprietary epitaxy technology and innovative chip
designs have enabled the company to develop advanced solid-state
lighting products that offer superior quality, are lower in cost
and are environmentally friendly—all without compromising
optical, thermal or electrical performance. Beyond LED chips, the
company is actively seeking to extend its reach to deliver value-added,
application-specific solutions that will open up new markets in
solid-state illumination. Founded in 2002, Bridgelux is headquartered
in Sunnyvale, Calif. For more information about the company, please


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