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Bluetooth Control Module and App

The Bridgelux Bluetooth control module provides wireless control of single channel or dual channel LED driver via its dual 0-10V control output. The module's two 0-10V outputs may be configured to connect to a dual 0-10V control input of a LED driver where one channel controls intensity dimming and the other channel controls corelated color temperature (CCT) tuning. Multiple modules can be arranged to securely work in large, non-flooding, self-healing mesh networks.  All mesh communications is encrypted with 128 bit AES and secure key exchange.  Because this module is separate from a driver, it provides luminaire designers the freedom to place the module in a location for a maximum of RF signal strength. Bridgelux's Lighting Control app communicates directly with any of the nodes and allows for easy and quick commissioning of an entire network. 

Bluetooth 4.2 non-flooding intelligent mesh network protocol
Dual 0-10V control output
Integrated antenna
Lighting Control app for commissioning and light management available on iOS and Android
128 bit AES encryption and secure key exchange
Over-the-air updates with zero down time
50,000 hours lifetime
Eliminates delays and popcorning effects from channel crowding
Compatible with industry standard 0-10V controls and devices
Reduced RF signal interference
Smooth, natural dimming and CCT tuning control
Simplified commissioning process
Enterprise-grade security
Simplified commissioning process
Reliable, maintenance-free operation in demanding operating conditions over long periods of time
Product Specifications

Data Sheet (BXCS)

Control Network

Control Output

Part Number

Data Sheet Coming Soon Bluetooth 4.2 Dual 0-10V BXCS-1224B-N2A-01-A