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Future of Retail

For those of us approaching another birthday, it sometimes it feels like it’s getting increasingly difficult to identify items in a store from a distance, distinguish color differences among similar goods in a store, and read price labels or restaurant menu options.

This is especially true in retail environments such as bookstores where the colors of the books are equally as attention-grabbing as the titles.  If we can’t see a book title, or if the store lighting is so dim that it causes the book jacket to appear dull and boring, we may (unconsciously) have a negative reaction and miss purchasing the next great novel. 

Retailers need to find ways of improving their customers’ in-store experiences, and fast.  Enter Bridgelux Décor Series™ Class A lighting LED arrays to the rescue!

Bridgelux led a campaign earlier this year to illustrate how the quality of light affects shoppers and their shopping environment.  The project brought us together with Bluetooth technology company, Bytelight (since acquired by Acuity Brands, Inc.), Intense Lighting, and Green Apple Books of San Francisco. 

Collectively, we brought to life an improved experience for customers of Green Apple Books by using our Décor Series Class A LED arrays with Bluetooth-connected se in 120 Intense Lighting fixtures.  Not only did light quality in the store improve into a high-end lighting experience, but in-store deals were delivered directly to shoppers’ smartphones through sensor beacons.

The result was a beautifully lit store where book titles can be read, book jacket colors are more vibrant, and people want to stay and linger under the welcoming glow of the lights.


          All photos by Nick Otto (

Many small retail businesses are looking for new ways to connect customers to their brick-and-mortar stores, and to transform the in-store experience so it offers additional, unique benefits compared to online shopping.  LEDs as an infrastructure enable this type of retail reinvention.

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