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Bridgelux LED Technology for Billboards

New LED lighting has been installed on an advertising billboard in Mumbai, India. The luminaires, designed and manufactured by Leo Integrated Technologies Pvt Ltd, leverage the Bridgelux Vero(R) 29 LED Arrays to produce higher quality colors and brighter illumination than the existing metal halide.

The eight lighting fixtures spaced around the 40 foot by 20 foot billboard use 170W leading to 62% energy savings over the existing 450W metal halide luminaires.  The installation emphasized the drastic improvement in color rendering for the advertisements while enhancing the graphics and increasing the quality of the display.

The Bridgelux Vero 29 LED Array in combination with specialized optics enables new and exciting lighting installations previously unattainable with LED technology.  Bridgelux continues to push the boundaries of lighting in the outdoor space with new color technology, customized optics and integrated products like the new OLM Series.

Bridgelux LED technology on demonstration.  The middle billboard shines brighter with enhanced LED lighting from LEO Electronics and Bridgelux Vero 29 technology