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Application Note AN31 – Handling and Assembly of Bridgelux Vero LED Arrays

The Bridgelux family of Vero Array products delivers high performance, compact, and cost-effective solidstate lighting solutions to serve the general lighting market. These products combine the higher efficiency, lifetime, and reliability benefits of LEDs with the light output levels of many conventional lighting sources.

Optimizing performance and reliability of a lighting system using Bridgelux Vero Series LED Arrays requires careful consideration of thermal management solutions, selection of electronic drivers and secondary optics. Application Notes AN30, AN32 and AN36 deal with each of these topics in depth. It is equally important to use safe handling and appropriate manufacturing procedures, processes and chemicals during the assembly of the Bridgelux Vero Series LED Array into the lighting system.

This application note provides recommendations for mechanical and electrical assembly of Bridgelux Vero LED Arrays into lighting systems. Guidelines for chemical exposure and handling of the LED Arrays are included to avoid damaging the LED Arrays during the assembly process. Recommended assembly procedures to ensure a reliable electrical connection to the LED driver and a mechanically robust, thermally efficient contact between the LED Array and underlying heat sink are also provided.

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