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Announcing Our New Video Series: Ask Apps

We’re excited to launch a new video series called “Ask Apps” where members of our Applications Engineering team will answer your burning questions!

Over the coming months, the team will be answering questions that have come from our customers covering topics specific to our products, and general industry terms and trends.

The first video is available here.  In it, one of our Field Application Engineers explains whether Bridgelux COBs can be wired in series or in parallel, what the heck “current hogging” is all about, and how Bridgelux addresses this phenomenon.


This video, including all its content, is for informational purposes only.  Viewers should verify all information provided in current product data sheets. 

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback.  Leave us a comment below with your questions and we’ll try to answer as many as possible.  You can also contact us anytime with your questions and feedback.