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The Bridgelux Vero next generation LED packaged array technology offers new advancements in design flexibility, ease of use, and energy efficiency today while also defining a platform for future opportunities to integrate smart sensors and wireless communication technology for smart building control systems and other innovative applications. The Vero Series has industry leading performance (400 to 16,000 lumens) and is available in four different LES configurations with color temperatures from 2700K to 5000K and a wide variety of CRI options.


  • Market leading efficacy, 130 lm/W typical and 110 lm/W minimum
  • Lumen output performance ranges from 275 to as much as 16,300 lumens
  • Broad range of CCT options from 2700K to 5000K
  • CRI options include; minimum 70, 80, 90 for standard and 97 typical for Decor products
  • 2 and 3 SDCM color control for 2700K-4000K CCT
  • Reliable operation at up to 2X rated drive current
  • Radial die pattern and improved lumen density
  • Thermally isolated solder pads
  • Onboard connector port
  • Top side part number markings
  • 10-Year limited warranty


  • Broad application coverage for interior and exterior lighting
  • Flexibility to respond to application driven lighting design requirements
  • High quality true color reproduction
  • Uniform consistent white light
  • Flexibility in design optimization
  • Improved optical control
  • Enhanced ease of use and manufacturability
  • Solderless harness connectivity enables plug & play installation and field upgradability
  • Improved inventory management and quality control


  • Greater luminaire design flexibility
  • Reduced total system costs
  • Industry leading ease of use features
  • Bridgelux quality of light
  • Platform for future functionality (i.e. smart lighting)


  • Retail and hospitality lighting
  • Commercial and office lighting
  • Residential and consumer lighting
  • Industrial lighting
  • Street and exterior area lighting
  • Retrofit lamps

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