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Xenio Point™ is a new LED module platform that integrates local intelligence and communications capabilities with Bridgelux Vero® Series LED arrays to deliver superior light quality, high efficacy, and value.

As the industry’s first true open platform, this product is catalyzing intelligent, networked lighting while providing the performance, light quality and value Bridgelux is known for. Xenio Point is compatible with a variety of lighting control protocols enabling ease of integration and application flexibility, as well as the ability to add functionality during the product lifetime.

Xenio Point LED light sources are available in three LED array sizes with networking/control options: 0-10V Dimming Control, DMX512/RDM and Bluetooth® Smart. All sizes, 13mm, 18mm, and 29mm, are compatible with existing Vero optics.

Powered by 48 VDC constant voltage
Dimming down to 0.1% of full brightness
Integrated network interfaces
Automatic internal temperature monitoring
Zhaga compatible mounting holes
1-year limited warranty on Xenio Point module, 5-year limited warranty on Bridgelux LED light source
5 Year Warranty
Product Specifications




Voltage Required

Standby Power

(0% Brightness)

Minimum Brightness


Maximum Brightness 100%


Xenio Point 13mmDownload Data Sheet 2700K-3000K 80, 90 48 Vdc 150 mW 2 lm, 3 lm 2100 lm - 2800 lm 13
Xenio Point 18mmDownload Data Sheet 2700K-4000K 80, 90 48 Vdc 150 mW 4 lm, 5 lm 3900 lm - 5400 lm 18
Xenio Point 29mmDownload Data Sheet 2700K-5000K 80, 90 48 Vdc 150 mW 9 lm, 10 lm, 12 lm 9100 lm - 12000 lm 29