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Certification No. BLX23070526

LETTER OF CERTIFICATION证明书                                                                                         BLX23070526      


兹证明深圳市近我者富灯饰照明有限公司(创极简灯饰),自2023年6月起使用普瑞原装Thrive SMD系列用于下列照明产品中,并在中国大陆地区进行销售。
This certifies that following lighting products which was provided by Shenzhen Near Me Lighting Co., Ltd. identified herein using Bridgelux Thrive SMD LED products since Jun 2023. And the lighting products is only sold in China.
The corresponding information are as follows.


Product Name  Customer Part No 
护眼吸顶灯 QGP7*** 8-200W
护眼吊灯 QGP3*** 8-200W