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OLM™ Series

The deep integration offered by our OLM Series is driving transformation at every level of the lighting industry. OLM introduces a simple method to develop outdoor luminaires by combining proprietary optics and environmental protection with an LED source.  OLM Series modules are designed to work with UL Class 2 drivers in non-enclosed environments, a key requirement for outdoor luminaires.  These highly innovative and integrated subsystems deliver world class performance and competitive cost, while reducing time to market, eliminating significant research and development costs, and improving manufacturing lead times.

Typical efficacy of up to 156 lm/W at 70° C
Lumen output: From 1600 to 4600 lumens
CCT options: From 4000K to 5700K
CRI options: Minimum 70 and 80 option available
Asymmetric and symmetric lighting patterns
IP66 rated for outdoor use
High-level component integration
1-year limited warranty on OLM module, 5-year limited warranty on Bridgelux LED light source
Designed to work with UL class 2 drivers in non-enclosed outdoor environments
Replaces HPS bulbs in outdoor luminaires
Long lifetime with a strong return on investment
Uniform lighting patterns designed for targeted applications
Improved thermal management
Simplified, robust luminaire design and assembly
Improved inventory management and quality control
Bridgelux Advantage 

Our OLM Series supplies targeted lumen output levels with precise optics to achieve the lighting patterns required by regulating bodies. Designed for luminaire integration, an OLM subsystem mechanically attaches to the heatsink or fixture with four screws. Soldering, glues and epoxies are removed from the assembly process and replaced with a robust electrical connection.

Our highly adaptable platform allows for rapid product development and portfolio expansion, easily replacing the high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamp as the standard light source in outdoor luminaires. 

Common Luminaire & Lamp Types 
Product Specifications 


CCT Range


Typical Flux
5000K (70 CRI)

Typical Voltage, 70°C

Typical Drive Current

5000K (70 CRI, 70°C)

OLM™ Series
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70, 80

2944 lm


900 mA

143 lm/W