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IR Emitters

Bridgelux IR products are infrared LEDs that offer superior performance in a cost effective and robust package. The outstanding efficiency and high radiant power of IR products are designed for a broad range of indoor and outdoor security system applications and enable greater design flexibility and lower fixture cost. The IR 3535 is engineered on an industry standard footprint allowing for easy integration and rapid time to market. The Bridgelux IR 3535 utilizes state of the art LED technology providing security and industrial applications with a highly efficient, powerful, robust and reliable infrared light source.  

Optical performance is 14% more efficient than top competitors
Radiant power options ranging from nominal 800mW to 1500mW
Peak wavelength of 850nm for high camera sensitivity
Industry standard 3535 footprint
Thermal resistance is 20% lower than top competitors
90° and 120° viewing angle options
Reliable operation at high drive currents
Broad application coverage for indoor and outdoor surveillance systems
High radiant power output from small package reduces BOM cost and improves design flexibility
Industry standard 3535 footprint allows for ease of design and rapid go-to-market
Uniform, consistent illumination
Multiple viewing angle options allow for wide and narrow applications
Short, medium and long distance coverage
Environmentally friendly
Bridgelux Advantage 

Our IR products deliver superior optical performance in a robust, cost-efficient package. The high radiant power output enables industry-leading system level performance, while lowering overall end product cost. With its compact size, industry leading performance, and flexible beam angles, Bridgelux IR products provide exceptional design flexibility and added value for an assortment of infrared applications. 

Common Applications 
Product Specifications 


Peak Wavelengths

Viewing Angle

Radiant Power

Radiant Intensity

Forward Current

Forward Voltage

Thermal Resistance


IR 3535, 1W
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90° and 120°


240-385 mW/sr



8° K/W


IR 3535, 3W
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425-580 mW/sr



11° K/W