modern storehouseThe modern inter-connected world is increasingly dependent on a web of complex logistics.  Storage, manufacturing and processing facilities are key enablers of modern trade and commerce.  Lighting high ceiling structures has become a critical element in the operation of efficient logistics facilities.  At the same time, the development of high performance LED light sources is transforming high bay light fixtures with improvements in performance, economy and productive life.

Modern industrial buildings have demanding lighting requirements.  The building interior must be brightly lit with uniform light.  To maximize safety and effective use of the building, there must be good color rendering (CRI) and no variation of light and dark areas.

Cost management is an important metric for economic operation of supply chain real estate.  A major challenge to the building’s High Bay lighting supplier will be to minimize operating and maintenance costs.  In this respect, LED light sources provide the solution and Bridgelux Vero Series COB LED arrays are industry leading choices for high bay light sources.  Industry leading efficacy (lumens/Watt) reduces operating costs by delivering the required light output while consuming less power.

LED arrays are an ideal light source for High Bay lighting.  As companies become more concerned about environmental responsibility and energy conservation, a reduced carbon footprint due to the efficiency of LED lighting is a significant benefit.

The quality of light is also very important. The fully tested optical, thermal and mechanical properties of an LED array ensure stable, consistent and predictable optical performance from an engineered device.  Bridgelux COB arrays deliver the CCT and color rendering required in highly effective, high brightness packages.  Light outputs of 10,250 or more lumens at 4000K are available from Vero 29 high brightness arrays.

Maintenance is a huge problem in these buildings.  The disruption and cost required to re-lamp a busy and complex distribution hub is a significant operating cost.  LED light sources have much longer operating life times than traditional light sources.  Re-lamping becomes a rare event reducing maintenance cost by more than 60%.

Good lighting has an additional benefit as improved illumination improves the working environment.  Productivity increases in a well-lit space.  Good lighting reduces accidents and, as research is demonstrating, increases employee well-being.

The design and performance of high bay lighting fixtures is being transformed as manufacturers are adopting LED light sources.  Bridgelux, as the industry leader in high brightness and high performance COB arrays, is the leading choice for best-in-class light sources.

Bridgelux LED light sources are ideally matched to warehouse environments, please view our Bridgelux High Bay Application Brochure for more information.