Black Conf Table_Indoor_Office_ApplicationsIndoor lighting fixtures serve many purposes for businesses including creating a welcoming ambiance for customers, keeping employees safe by ensuring work areas are well lit, and fostering a productive work environment.

Bridgelux LED light source products are used in light fixtures in offices and businesses around the world.  Proper lighting can minimize fatigue and eyestrain problems as well as help prevent accidents in the work place.  Whether it is a conference room, reception/lobby area, hallway, office or work space, Bridgelux solid state LED products are a cost effective way to quickly upgrade the quality and efficiency of most office lighting systems.

The days of less efficient incandescent lights are numbered as the quality, economics, and awareness of the range and performance of LED light sources from Bridgelux quickly makes them an obvious choice  Whether you are designing-in spot lights, down lights, accent lights, wall washes, etc., Bridgelux has you covered with BXRA3, Vero, and V Series product lines.