Factory_ Outdoor_Industrial_Applications_000011896792LargeBridgelux offers an extensive portfolio of solid state LED light sources that are both durable and energy efficient to help keep your lighting costs down and your workforce safe and productive in dark work environments. Manufacturing facilities, warehouses and large retail stores require even illumination with strong vertical shelf lighting.

The Bridgelux OLM Series integrates the LED source, optical lenses and electrical connection into an environmentally protected product.  This sub-assembly from Bridgelux can be used as a base platform for a portfolio of products enabling the customer to leverage luminaire casting, reduce design costs and limit investment exposure. The asymmetric lighting patterns of the OLM offer strong vertical illumination for product displays and storage while creating ideal pathway lighting levels.

Bridgelux LED light sources are highly reliable and provide best in class light quality with instant-on functionality and an attractive ROI in energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.   Bridgelux has pioneered solid light source LED technology that is well suited for outdoor/indoor, worksite, factory, emergency and security lighting applications.

Bridgelux LED chip on board arrays help illuminate job sites everywhere so important work tasks can be performed where natural or traditional light sources are inadequate or lacking.

The Bridgelux BXRA3 and Vero Series of LED products are popular choice of light source for a variety of Industrial lighting applications due to a wide range of warm and cool white options, high lumen output, and unmatched light quality.