iStock_000014902061XLargeLuminaires used in outdoor lighting require long life combined with stable and consistent performance over the life of the product.  Safety and security concerns make outdoor lighting critical during the evening and night hours.  Outdoor luminaires are also exposed to the full extremes of the environment.  Heat, cold, rain, snow, sleet, wind, dirt, salt and sand are some of the concerns for outdoor luminaire manufacturers.  These unyielding conditions require luminaires to be very reliability, to have limited maintenance and to be extremely robust while delivering the proper quantity and quality of light.

The Vero Series, Bridgelux Chip on Board (COB) LED arrays introduce a simple and easy way to develop innovative and leading LED luminaires.  The highly adaptable platform allows for rapid product development and portfolio expansion.  Larger single source COB technology reduces development and manufacturing costs while also reducing the points of failure in the end product.

The arrays are designed to deliver high quality, energy efficient lighting for commercial, industrial, and residential outdoor applications. The arrays deliver targeted lumen output levels and long service life that dramatically reduce energy and maintenance costs.  A reduced light emitting surface enables the development and use of both reflective and refractive optics.

The Vero Series delivers high performance, compact and cost-effective solid-state lighting solutions to serve the outdoor lighting market. These products combine higher efficiency, lifetime, and reliability benefits of LEDs with the light output levels of many conventional light sources.

The new Bridgelux OLM Series is a highly innovative integrated sub-system that delivers world class performance and leading cost while additionally reducing the time to market, eliminating significant research and development costs and improving manufacturing lead times. The OLM is designed to replace the prolific High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamp which has become the standard lighting source used in outdoor lighting.  The OLM supplies targeted lumen output levels with precise optics to achieve the lighting patterns required by the regulating bodies.