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Licht + Design prides itself on developing innovative lighting solutions. We have increasingly wanted to design lighting environments using LEDs to take advantage of the benefits in energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. Recent advances in LED technology have enabled LED-based lighting systems to now deliver the high quality of light demanded by lighting designers, especially for retail food environments. Working with Bridgelux LED Array light sources, we were able to develop solid state luminaires that delivered the lighting quality required for our market.

- Licht + Design, Frank Armbrecht, CEO

Manor Group was the first European department store to install energy saving LED lighting. Since then we have retrofitted many of our department stores with LEDs, replacing the HID luminaires traditionally used in the past. It has been a fantastic improvement. We continue to receive compliments from our customers regarding the excellent color and quality of our merchandise. Thanks to the modern LED luminaires the merchandise appears much more natural than in the past. This has been noticed and appreciated by our customers. In addition, we continue to demonstrate the Manor Group’s authentic commitment to environmentally conscious and sustainable solutions.

- Antonio Giangreco Head of Facility & Security Konzern

Our Natatorium is open for the community twenty hours per day, seven days a week. Insufficient light reflection from ceiling, ground and walls using our current lighting created a cave like atmosphere in key areas such as the children’s pool, the spectator area and the water slide. After retrofitting our facility with LED based luminaires not only did we significantly reduce our energy and maintenance costs, but our 15 year old pool now looks brand new. Actually, the lighting is now even better, with a more pleasant atmosphere, than when the lighting was first installed.

- Treasure Valley Family YMCA Jim Everett, CEO

As the top sports retailer in Austria, Intersport had a vision for a new shop design. Based on the latest trends in retail lighting design, our goal was to refresh and reinforce the Intersport brand image of best in class service, customer guidance and breadth of product offering. Central to this vision was to launch the first shop in Austria fully lit with energy saving LED technology. Recent advances in solid state lighting have enabled, for the first time, the quality and quantity of light necessary to make our shop design vision a reality.

- Thomas Schramek, Architect Intersport

Our mission was to refresh the design of the interior fresh food section of the COOP supermarkets. When we proposed to COOP a solid state lighting solution, they discovered the technology offered significant design benefits in addition to dramatic improvements in energy efficiency. We believe that the decision to develop an LED based lighting solution not only aligns with COOP’s environmental sustainability values, but also improves the environment and shopping experience in their stores.

- Ing Mingozzi Ricerca & Progetto, Bologna COOP Consultant