Bridgelux Continues to Drive Innovation in the Outdoor and Industrial Space with the Launch of Outdoor Light Module (OLM)

Bridgelux is very excited to announce the launch of the new Bridgelux OLM Series, our first integrated LED module subsystem product for the outdoor and industrial space. OLM (Outdoor Light Module) blends the performance and technology benefits of our Vero COB Series array with optics technology developed by Bridgelux engineers to maximize system efficacy while […]

Bridgelux has a new look.

We’ve changed our logo and website to reflect our expanding role in solid state lighting (SSL). Bridgelux’s goal is to become the premier provider in the industry, developing technologies that optimize the performance, quality and versatility of solid state lighting systems. We look at light as a system, optimizing it for each application by leveraging core LED […]

Let There Be (High Quality, High Functionality, Low Cost) Light

Light is far more complicated than you think. Color, illumination levels, directionality, cost and heat dissipation are just some of the parameters that lighting manufacturers and designers consider when building their products. A lamp for retail is vastly different than a security light for a warehouse. Most consumers and businesses look at light bulbs and […]